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Betting For Livelihood

The evolution of human life is said to be some five thousand years old. Since then we are evolving to become better versions of ourselves. We have done enough development to make our lives easy. We have the transportations that take us to far distances in few hours; our food …

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Bet Yourself Out of Misery

Budget is prepared to devote equal money to our necessary goods in the required amount. Based on these expenditures are made during the month or a year. It helps in running the economy smoothly and without hassle. There’s a trend in what you buy and it can well be understood …

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Be Gamble Aware

Life is a precious gift given to us by our parents with the blessings of the almighty; this is the belief of most of the people on this planet. And there’s no argument on this or denying it. Wealth is the fuel that runs it smoothly and helps it grow …

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